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Elections & Special Districts Director (100616)

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In Anticipation of a Future Vacancy
Elections & Special Districts Department, Bisbee
OPENS:           Friday, October 27, 2016                                 
CLOSES:         Open Until Filled (may close at any time without prior notice)
SALARY:         Anticipated hiring salary of $60,000 - $90,000 annually (depends on experience), plus a competitive benefits package

OPENS:           Friday, October 27, 2016                                 

CLOSES:         Open Until Filled (may close at any time without prior notice)
SALARY:         Anticipated hiring salary of $60,000 - $90,000 annually (depends on experience), plus a competitive benefits package

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in public administration, political science, business management or a related field and five (5) years of management experience, at least three (3) of which must have been in election administration.  Must be a registered voter in the State of Arizona at the time of appointment.  In accordance with ARS 16-407, must obtain State of Arizona, Election Officer Certification at the earliest opportunity afforded by the training scheduled set forth by the Arizona Secretary of State, following appointment.  Must possess and maintain a valid Arizona driver's license if position duties require. 
PREFERENCE:  Preference may be given to applicants who have Arizona elections experience.
TYPICAL DUTIES: (Illustrative Only) Plans, executes and finalizes election projects according to strict deadlines and within budget.  Coordinates several different elections and projects within an election cycle; effectively prioritizes and executes tasks while problem-solving in a high-pressure environment.   Acquire resources, contract with Vote Center sites; coordinate the efforts of team members and paid volunteer workers to accomplish successful elections. Manage the planning, direction, procedures and timeline development, implementation, administration and evaluation of all office and field operations related to recruitment and training of poll workers, Early Boards and Duplicating Boards, troubleshooters, couriers, drivers and delivery personnel.  Conduct voter education and outreach; ensure quality control of all aspects of elections from ballot production through tabulation of results and public information.  Ensure election results are accurate, timely, easily accessed and easily understood. Monitors election system programming, data management, security and testing of electronic election systems for ballot preparation and to ensure accuracy of voting equipment and tabulation; accept candidate filings, calculate signature requirements; oversee campaign finance filings, reports and enforcement; manage nomination, recall, initiative and referendum processes; provide election services and manage election logistics.  Perform special studies and conduct extensive research, analyze findings and develop sound conclusions; prepare comprehensive reports and plans; compile statistical data. Develop master test deck and control totals; conduct and oversee testing of all voting equipment, election media, the election tabulation machines and the election reporting system; test every ballot style in preparation for Logic & Accuracy tests prior to each election.  100% accuracy in tabulation and strict compliance with deadlines is required; perform audits as required.  Preserve data integrity; establish and maintain election calendar for management of election records; respond promptly to Public Records Requests. Manage projects and coordinate with other county/state departments to facilitate elections and exchange of data; coordinate work schedules with outside vendors (data conversion services and vote-by-mail printer/mail service provider); work in coordination with the Voter Registration department; coordinate with state, cities and towns, special districts and school districts for election ballot information and for proofing ballots. Conduct training and make public presentations; represent the department in many venues: act as the department’s media relations liaison, personally appear before the Board of Supervisors, legislative committees, citizen groups and the media to explain election results, processes and related matters.  Represents department and county in election-related court cases.  Work with the County Attorney to prepare court pleadings, motions and case testimony to be used in election-related court cases. Promote public understanding and participation in elections to community groups, through news releases to the media, in-house developed publications and via maintenance of a robust set of election webpages on the County’s website.  Build, develop and grow any business relationships vital to the success of the elections (Secretary of State's staff, state and local political party chairs, colleges and high schools, etc.).  Maintain bi-annual state-required Election Officer Certification.  Research and remain knowledgeable of applicable election laws and regulations (Help America Vote Act of 2002, Americans with Disabilities Act, federal and state election laws, the Arizona Secretary of State’s Procedures Manual, etc.).  Review, analyze, interpret and implement laws and legislation and other requirements affecting elections.  Attend specialized elections training and conferences to remain current with election laws and procedures.  Prepare detailed recommendations about new or modified regulations or policies; review federal and state bulletins on proposed law changes.  Review and analyze proposed state and federal legislation for potential impact on election processes and provide recommendations.  Draft and participate in the negotiation of contracts with other government entities for providing election services (to cities and towns, special districts, etc.); work with the Superintendent of Schools to facilitate elections for the various school districts. Prepare billings to other entities for election services provided. Research complex administrative, programmatic, technical and procedural election problems; analyze points of failure and devise effective solutions promptly.  Draft or direct the development and revision of procedures, forms, schedules and policies for the preparation and conduct of elections. Work with Assessor, IT/GIS and Recorder’s staff on the establishment of new or redistricted precincts and the preparation, maintenance and publishing of precinct maps. Assist citizens to understand pertinent statutes, requirements and processes for the establishment of special districts; provide assistance to special district boards; solicit annual reports from special districts to ensure compliance; review special district budgets; provide assistance to the Finance and Treasurer’s Departments in preparation of annual special district tax rates. Perform all aspects of supervision of office employees, including annual performance appraisals, work schedules, leave management, etc.  Coach, mentor and motivate team members; delegate work assignments, review priorities, set expectations and monitor results.  Conduct discipline when appropriate and ensure employment-related mandates, Merit Rules and County Policies are followed.  Encourage a team-based work atmosphere that embraces the County’s Vision/Mission and Code of Ethics.  Encourage team members to obtain training and education for further skills development and opportunities for advancement.
Extensive knowledge of:
  • Election laws and procedures;
  • Computerized information systems; data management; data validation; systems testing; and electronic file transfers, management and storage;
  • Knowledge of accounting procedures and auditing techniques;
  • The principals and practices of management and supervision.
Considerable skill in:
  • Administering and managing a comprehensive elections program in a public-sector setting;
  • Organizing and managing complex operations, with superior attention to detail and skills in handling and managing details;
  • Using computer databases and complex computer systems and applications;
  • Analyzing complex administrative and organizational problems and performing effective problem-solving;
  • Preparing and managing budgets;
  • Effectively communicating complex information simply, under pressure, verbally and in writing;
  • Maintaining effective communication and working relationships with employees, other County departments, vendors, other governmental agencies, candidates, elected officials and the public.
Ability to:
  • Be fair and impartial in administering the duties of the position;
  • Effectively address the media, public and professional groups;
  • Work effectively under tight deadlines to accomplish project objectives;
  • Plan, organize and supervise the work of others.
Apply on-line through our website, ( or  Applications must be received no later than 5 p.m. Arizona Time on the closing date of the announcement in order to be considered. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application.  The applicant must clearly demonstrate on the application form that they meet the minimum qualifications for the position.  
 Cochise County is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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