Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation



About Us

Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation (AREDF) was incorporated in 1985 with the mission of creating a thriving, sustainable economy.

Since then, the organization has been responsible for the recruitment and retention of large companies such as Northrop Grumman and Teleperformance - directly creating hundreds of jobs.

They are also responsible for the successful launch and operation of two business development co-space buildings that house entrepreneurs in the startup to development stage of business.

In addition to the recruitment of companies and operation of business development locations, AREDF is the founder and operator of Aerospace Arizona Association, a growing association geared toward promoting the aerospace industry throughout the State of Arizona.

The organization represents southern Arizona through their influential positions on state and national economic development councils and by working with legislators on a variety of economic topics.


Meeting with Senator Kyrsten Sinema about the unmanned systems industry in Arizona.