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The Rosemont Copper project is located in Pima County, approximately 30 miles southeast of Tucson, Arizona, and contains a world-class open-pit copper/molybdenum/silver deposit. Located in an existing mining district, Rosemont Copper will set a high standard for sustainable mining practices, including using solar power, consuming less than half the water as traditional mines, and reclaiming the site from the start of operations as permanent open space. Arizona, the copper state, produces 65 percent of the United States? supply of copper on only a quarter of one percent of the state?s land. Rosemont Copper is expected to provide more than 10 percent of the U.S. copper supply while requiring less than half the land area of other Pima County mines. A recent study by Arizona State University showed the region would benefit over the life of the mine, adding 406 direct and 1700 indirect jobs, $3 billion in increased personal income, $404 million in local taxes and $15 billion in local economic revenue. For more information, visit the Rosemont Copper website at

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