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The original Landmark Café has been part of Sierra Vista's history for over four decades, the current Landmark Café has been owned and operated by Pam Anderson for almost two decades. Below is a photo of the original Landmark Café circa 1962 provided by the Fort Huachuca Museum.

The Landmark began its existence during World War II when Margaret Carmichael sold the property at 400 West Fry Blvd. to the U.S. Government for the sum of $1.00. When constructed in 1942, the building was intended to fill a need to provide adequate recreation facilities for the large population of African American military personnel stationed at Fort Huachuca.

In 1975 the building was purchased at auction by Tony Schaieb and Roger Barnett. A few years later Schaieb bought out Barnett's interest in the facility and turned it into the Landmark Restaurant/Steakhouse. Much of the furnishings came from Virgil's Steakhouse, which was located just West of the Landmark and which had suffered a fire.

The Landmark Restaurant was destroyed by fire in 1981 and Mr. Shaieb replaced the restaurant in 1985 with what is now known as the Landmark Plaza. In 1989, Pam Anderson began waitressing at the Landmark Café, and in 1992 she became the proud owner of the restaurant and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, the Landmark Café continues to be a popular gathering place for local residents, military personnel and visitors.


  • Family Owned
  • Community Oriented
  • Accept All Major Cards, Checks & Debit Cards
  • Located Outside The Main Gate of Ft. Huachuca
  • A West End Destination